Pop of the future - Cosmopolitan Dancebeat

"...a New York trio with the German singer CASSIS, whose voice

at times is heavily reminiscent of chanteuses DEBBIE HARRY and NICO. The music of the unusual band swings somewhere between pop, chanson and  electronics. Instruments like saxophone, vibraphone or accordion take equal place with sequencers and

different computerworks, without being embarrassing. How CASSIS pulls this off is unexplainable. Maybe it is due to the cosmopolitan big apple atmosphere, or the determined will of these three musicians to create something new. Keep an eye on CASSIS in the future. Her band is taking pop to new places."

Rolling Stone, Germany

"Dare to live. CASSIS is always on the move like the beats that dance in her midi-accordion, bonbon-pop with a slide taste of  sweet-saltylicorice..."

Sueddeutsche Zeitung

"Analog Love – Cassis and the Sympathies (Wunderblumenmusik)

Benign, serene coming down from the clouds willfully we slow dive into Analog Love, a neon lit lounge, default setting on sultry, though soon enough we allow the lady to take our hand and dance us into a wide open cinema land.

This is new wave old romantic, ambient, impulsive, addictive, a darker Julee Cruise, a content Nico, still slightly dangerous, a sweetly lethal bubblegum, deep blue tripping over the rhythm disguised as sighs.

There is that skewed perspective that Lydia Lunch gave on Queen Of Siam, though this time the chanteuse is backed by a mixture of Yello and seemingly old time wicked jazz musicians playing for their souls.

In these songs disturbing desire is just, always JUST,  a finger click away. These are invitations to a languid version of Hell, an acceptably edgy version of Heaven. Piano and Accordion entice and bewitch in the guise of slick warped ballads, tears and escape, they urge us to close our eyes and


A cool journey away from the modern normal."

NBT (Next Big Thing Review)

“The songs on ‘Analog Love’ all have a natural fit as ideal music for movie soundtracks. Lo-fi piano and accordion based musical soundscapes with extraordinary vocals from a gifted lady. This album will be cherished to play during the forthcoming warm summer nights.”

– Rootstime, Belgium

"The surprise of the month - CASSIS from New York.  Not only the instrumentation of the quartett surrounding the singer CASSIS is unusual. Their style reminds of idols like Portishead, some Jazz and many new ideas. The artistic collaboration of CASSIS with the cult director JIM JARMUSCH has influenced their music."

Lift, Stuttgart

"Blushing? Oh no! Showing emotions? Uhhh! One doesn't do that? CASSIS' band does it with style. They not only have fun with it but also success. The singer, CASSIS, shows how you can sink heavily into couch pillows weighed down by trembling thoughts. Or how you can dance in the spring rain with a melancholic yearning heart...."

Muenchner Kultur

"She became what not many Germans have accomplished in New York: talk of the (Down) Town."

Zitty, Berlin

"One of the most unusual discoveries of Euro-Pop is called CASSIS. You won't be able to put them in a drawer ..."

Tip, Berlin

"CASSIS is presenting  disturbing pleasant music and are  drawing  you in big time.  - Whoever wanders through the airy sound landscapes is reminded of PORTISHEAD or BJOERK - or of the music that would be in a jukebox on Mars."

Trend, Germany

"CASSIS succeeded in something that others only dream about: as a German to conquer New York. Cosmopilitan dance grooves, europop, electronics. There is no name  yet for CASSIS' style."

Kultur News

"CASSIS takes the best of New York and Berlin. With European pop-trips they are cooling the hectic  New York downtown-puls. The chanson voice as well as the accordion and vibraphone are lending the human touch to the electronic ambience. Aesthetically following the 4AD-Light-Acts, they urge  you to dance or fly."

Guide, Berlin

"CASSIS, the focus of the band. with her red dress, her big gestures and her cool yet erotic voice. 'Take it Easy'  - that's what the music reflects as well, passionately playful. ...  a band with the flair of the New York Boheme... ressembles VELVET UNDERGROUND and NICO. But CASSIS is unique and it will be interesting to follow their future."


"Sweeping ethereal NYC-based Europop built from a foundation of midi instrumentation, alluring accordion, and German singer CASSIS' Nico-esque chanteuse drawl. The band winks it way into your heart courtesy of CASSIS' sexy vocals and an unconventional bass/drums/vibraphone rhythm section."


"The new buzz in New York: CASSIS. The popband with unusual instrumentation (sax, accordeon, vibraphone,...), intelligent lyrics and a charming German singer is creating a visceral vibe."

Viva TV, Germany


"CASSIS is the area's premier oompahcore outfit. She will appeal to fans who crave a more Teutonic version of CONGO NORVELL. We recommend this show highly."

Time Out, NYC

"CASSIS and her band forge beyond the lounge scene with their lush, ironic neo-cabaret music. They build their tunes in languid, sometimes trippy washes of accordion sighs and echoing vibes, the tempo as measured as Enya's pulse. CASSIS sings studiously offhand deadpan - cf. NICO, DEBORAH HARRY, KAREN AKERS - nicely undercut by winking, off-kilter lyrics ("You stood me up / No exception, no rule / It's what it is / Don't trigger me"). Cool yet warm and likable. With her loungy accordion and the irony implicit in her unruffled vocal delivery, CASSIS leads her bass-drums-vibraphone combo in slouching and winking its way through a smart futuro-cabaret act. A warm heart pumps just beneath the cool surface of this statuesque pose and makes it, uh, Blush."

Press pick: NY Press

"You are  resting on a meadow, in the midst of rich grass. The sun is shining and so is the world. You open your eyes and you find yourself back on a couch, at home on a cold September-day. In this case you probably have HEARTCORE from CASSIS in your cd player, spheric, loungy and floating. On the 6th of October the New York band performs in Berlin and promises a trip hop electronic performance that 'll shoot straight into your heart."

Flyer, Berlin

photo by: Johnna Davis

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